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Everything Peaceful is a quaint, comfortable place where Rebecca Herrick, LMBT, welcomes you to find strength for your body, peace for your mind and joy for your spirit. Combining techniques that focus on freeing fascial restrictions, bringing balance back to the nervous system and increasing the healthy circulation of blood, Qi and fluids, the goal is always to bring you back towards optimal muscle function and freedom from the harmfull effects of stress.

Offering Therapeutic Bodywork for over 20 years in a style I like to call "productive relaxation", you can rest easy knowing that you will find the relief that you need in the most peaceful way possible. ~ Rebecca

 I hope you and yours are finding the light during this stormy time. I wanted to formally let you know that I am not able to see clients until this strom passes, and pass it will! How fast depends on all of us staying home. I am hoping and praying that we will be back to business as usual on May 1st. Of course, that depends on the state of our community at that time. I encourage you to go ahead and reschedule your April appointments for after May 1st. If you need my assistance I will gladly help you reschedule! Call or text me and we will take a look at the schedule together.

(910) 632-4630